I  S  E  E

Innovative Sustainable Environment Education


1- Sample group data follow-up of 50 families from different income groups.

2- To raise awareness of carbon footprint

3- Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

4-Endemic plants book

5- 'Practical Tips for Saving' book

6- Determination and registration of school flora

7- Creation of a botanical garden

8- Creating flower beds from waste discharge pipes

Prepared for the project ' Practical Tips To Save Money '

'Practical Tips for Saving' prepared within the scope of our project

Turkey's Vegetation

Water Footprint presentation

 Game of 'Management of family Budget' 

Our Recycling Works and Our Botanical Garden

Our Botanical Garden, Recycling Studies

Our UNESCO Trash Hack video is published on the Trash Hack Campaign page. 



Endemic Creatures / Plants Documentaries

Endemic species Caretta Caretta 

as English version

This video was shown to our students and also to Fatih Primary School students in Anamur in order to spread it.

Our school was chosen as an environmentally friendly school and became a pilot school to produce our own energy with solar energy panels.